5 Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of the year again: time for fall maintenance. Here at Bakersfield Mitsubishi, we’ve created a list of 5 Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Tips. Of course, if you get stuck or run into an issue that needs professional help, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a service appointment.

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  1. Replace your wiper blades.

Your wiper blades should be changed every year. Now is a great time to change them in preparation for the heavier use we can expect during the fall and winter seasons. Be sure to select the proper blades your vehicle requires, and don’t forget to pick up a third blade for your rear window if you need one.

  1. Gauge your tire pressure.

As the temperature begins to drop, so will the level of air pressure in your tires. Be sure to regularly check your tires with a reliable pressure gauge to make sure the recommended pressure is maintained. This will help maximize your vehicle’s stability and fuel economy on the road. While you’re checking, don’t forget to include your spare!

  1. Top off your fluids.

After a busy season of summer drives, it is important to take a look at your fluid levels – windshield-washer fluid, antifreeze, and brake fluid – to make sure the reservoirs are filled to the proper level. If you notice one of your fluids is low a short time later, it could be an indication of leaking.

  1. Change your air filter.

The air filter is important in ensuring proper air flow, maximized fuel economy, and decreased emissions. It should be replaced twice every year and no tools are necessary.

  1. Check your lights.

With a friend, test your vehicle’s lights to make sure all are working properly. You can easily change any bulbs that are blown.

Fall maintenance doesn’t have to be a scary phrase or a long and involved process. These simple steps will help keep your vehicle running smoothly and reduce trips to our service department for larger repairs that could have been prevented. Not that we don’t want to see our favorite customers, but our goal is to make sure your vehicle stays on the road where it belongs!

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