6 New Mitsubishi Models coming by 2020

New Mitsubishi Models

Mitsubishi is set to release six new models by 2020, and we at Bakersfield Mitsubishi are excited about what is to come. In order to develop its new models, Mitsubishi Motors invested $5.3 billion to launch a three-year plan called “Drive for Growth,” which aims to increase sales by 30% and profits by greater than 6%. It’s expected that Mitsubishi will be attempting to strengthen and make further headway into the 4WD SUV and pick-up truck markets. In addition to the six new models, five of Mitsubishi’s current models will be entirely overhauled and redesigned. This will be done with the hopes that by 2020, its five best-selling models will account for 70% of its total sales. Mitsubishi also plans that the newly redesigned models will offer electric options across the board.

Over the next three years, two new Mitsubishi models will be released per year. The company is undertaking such an ambitious endeavor to boost sales and trust in the company, with an aim towards sustainable growth and the long-term stability of the company. In the word of Osamu Masuko, the chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Motors, “We are refreshing our product line-up, investing in R&D and targeting core market growth. Drive for Growth will enable us to continue the transformation of the company over the next three years.”

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