Bullet Train Route May Cross Bakersfield

A recent environmental lawsuit against a bullet train route was settled and a new route is under consideration. The new route would start in Fresno, cross downtown Bakersfield, and end not far from an existing Amtrak station. The segment measures approximately 114 miles long. The new bullet train route would affect the Central Valley and dozens of businesses, including Bakersfield’s main high school campus and a medical center.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority made the ruling and then some. It concluded that the bullet train route fell under federal authority, not the state’s own authority. As a result, the National Environmental Policy Act applies.

Voters chose to approve funds via issuing bonds for a bullet train back in 2008. The high-speed rail system is set to be completed by 2029 and will connect Los Angeles to San Francisco. Future extensions to San Diego and Sacramento are under consideration. The bullet train would be capable of reaching speeds up to 200 miles per hour, and the cost of the project is debated.

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