Car Theft is on the Decline

Unless you’re playing the game, ‘grand theft auto’ is no longer worth the risk. It seems that car theft may be on a steep decline, thanks to new technology and laws that make stealing cars less profitable and more risky.

A recent New York Times article took a look at New York City in particular, and found that car thefts in the city have dropped a whopping 95 percent over the past 20 years. According to the article, there were 147,000 reported auto thefts in 1990 – one for every 50 New York residents. Last year, there were only 7,400, or one per 1,100 residents.

The cars that are being stolen today are often 1990s era cars which are new enough to be profitable, but built before engine immobilization systems became an industry standard.  An example is the Honda Accord, America’s most stolen car. Not surprisingly, 84 percent of Accords stolen in 2013 were model years 1997 or earlier, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Today’s modern cars feature engine immobilizers which make it near impossible to move a car without the key in the ignition, and systems like OnStar provide vehicle tracking/location services and even remote engine immobilization. Stealing a car has become an incredibly risky endeavor.

What does it all mean for you? As long as you remember to lock up your car and always keep your keys in a safe place (assuming your car is a 2000 model year or younger), you can rest easy knowing you’re not likely going to find your ride has been sold off for parts.

car theft
Unless these guys are seen in your neighborhood, then you probably won’t rest that easily. But it is still unlikely they steal your car.

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