Drought, Drought Go Away and Don’t Come Back Another Day: Water Conservation Tips

While the sun’s golden rays continue to caress – or rather pummel – our great state, keeping the rain clouds at bay, many Californians face a record-breaking drought with strict mandates to decrease water consumption. So while your lawns might be brown, here are some water conservation tips to help keep the green in your wallet.

water conservation tips

  1. Reuse water – when rinsing fruits/vegetables or even waiting for your shower water to heat up – save the excess water to use on your garden or to “bucket flush” the toilet.
  2. Fix those leaky pipes! Those drips can add up!
  3. Cook smart – steam vegetables instead of boiling them and use the microwave to defrost food instead of running hot water.

And for some unique ideas:

  1. Consider spray-painting your lawn green – it’s the hottest new trend in lawn care.
  2. Install a hybrid sink-toilet in your home – the used sink water will then flush the contents of the toilet.
  3. Utilize drought resistant landscaping.
  4. Contemplate installing a low-flow faucet, which can decrease water waste by 70%.

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