Mitsubishi CUVs Lead Vehicle Sales for April 2016

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport - Bakersfield, CA
Mitsubishi is hanging strong thanks to CUVs like the Outlander Sport.

Here at Bakersfield Mitsubishi, our Mitsubishi vehicles are selling like crazy! This is especially true for our CUVs. A recent report from Mitsubishi supports that trend.

According to a Mitsubishi press release, Mitsubishi CUVs led in vehicle sales for April.

2,614 units of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport were sold in April. The plain Mitsubishi Outlander did even better, selling 2,729 units and increasing sales an incredible 118% over April of last year.

The Mitsubishi Mirage also did very well, with 3,302 Mirages sold. Overall, sales this April were up 37.2% over sales from last April for Mitsubishi.

“Coming off the heels of a strong first quarter for the brand, the first month of the second quarter continued the momentum with April sales that we haven’t seen since 2007,” stated Don Swearingen, Chief Operating Officer of MMNA. “Our CUVs continue to be the sales workhorse for the lineup while the subcompact Mirage demonstrates the need for affordable, reliable, and economical, transportation.”

Help Mitsubishi do even better in May by purchasing a CUV or other Mitsubishi vehicle this month at Bakersfield Mitsubishi!

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