Mitsubishi’s US Sales Prove Quality of Brand’s Craftsmanship

Over the years, many automakers have run into tough times and situations that cause a ruckus, including something as minor as the accuracy of gas mileage estimates. A while back, Hyundai and Kia faced that problem; even more recently, Volkswagen is still recovering from its own scandal. In Japan, Mitsubishi is dealing with discussion over its evaluations.

2017 Mitsubishi Mirage - Bakersfield, CA
Thanks to the loyalty of its customers, Mitsubishi remains strong in the U.S.

What sets Mitsubishi apart from other brands is that its sales in the United States have not been affected by the controversy in Japan. Americans are perceptive about the vehicles they drive and purchase, so the fact that Mitsubishi’s US sales have remained constant is a testament to the automaker’s quality products and craftsmanship.

Mitsubishi’s fans are loyal, as we at Bakersfield Mitsubishi have seen over the years, so some hubbub on the other side of the globe isn’t going to faze supporters who trust the products they’ve used for years. In turn, Mitsubishi promises that it will continue to meet regulatory standards in America and remain committed to its customers.

See why Mitsubishi’s US sales continue to rise through tough times by discovering the brand’s excellence for yourself.

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