New Mitsubishi SUV Might Get EVO Nameplate Soon

As you all probably know by now, Mitsubishi has made the decision to only make SUVs for the foreseeable future. Here at Bakersfield Mitsubishi, we are excited to see all the great SUVs that will be churned out over the next few years, but we will miss certain vehicles—especially the Lancer EVO.

The EVO badge, which stands for Evolution, has always been associated with sedans. But now, Mitsubishi is going to bring the EVO badge back on a new Mitsubishi SUV. The lucky recipient of the EVO badge will probably be the next Outlander Sport model, and will bring an extra amount of power and style to the popular SUV.

New Mitsubishi SUV
Will the next Outlander Sport be called the EVO? Will it be drastically different from this 2015 model?

The new Outlander will probably also have a hybrid powertrain setup to go along with the EVO badge and other improvements. Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi’s chief in the UK, said that moving the EVO badge form sedan to SUV “isn’t a huge jump.” He went on to say “We’re not at a point where it’ll definitely happen, but we’ve got a lot of senior management talking about it.” Come see us here at Bakersfield Mitsubishi to learn more about the future of the Outlander, the EVO badge, and the rest of the lineup today!

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