Pass the Time with These Road Trip Games

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How do you and your family pass the time on road trips? We’d love to hear!

Who said adults can’t play road trip games? We get bored on road trips like just like kids do and sometimes, we need a fun way to pass the time.

Did Your Hear That…?

Are you and your travel mates pretty hip to current events? If so, this game can provide lots of entertainment. The rules are simple: one person tells a news story, beginning with “Did you hear that?” It’s up to the rest of you to guess whether it’s a true or made up story. Examples.. “Did you hear that Kim Jong Un has a bromance with Dennis Rodman?” (True.) “Did you hear that Hillary Clinton never shaves her legs?” (made up).

Name That Tune

This is a fun game for audiophiles. The first person hums or whistles a melody and the other participants simply have to guess what song it is. Sometimes it helps to restrict the tunes to an era or a genre.

The Movie Game

All you have to do is say an actor or a film. The other person must say a film that that actor was in or an actor with whom that actor has acted in a film. Example… You: “Terminator.” Friend: “Arnold Schwarzenegger.” You: “Danny DeVito.” The side effect of this game is that it can initiate lively conversations about movies.

Next time you hit the road, try out one of these road trip games for adults. It can really smooth over the more dull parts of the trip.

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