Sporty Mitsubishi SUVs Are Best Sellers in June

Summer is upon us. If the sweat dripping from your brow, the fact you need to sit in your car with the doors open for a few minutes before driving off and the increased danger of getting burned that now comes with touching your steering wheel weren’t enough indication… the Mitsubishi June sales report being out should seal the deal.

As consumers like geared up to take summer vacations to beat the heat or just get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, a lot of them chose sporty Mitsubishi SUVs to get them to their vacation destinations as evidenced by the report.

Sporty Mitsubishi SUVs
One of those best-selling SUVs was the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES

These great SUVs have already paved the way for a run of great sales months for the Mitsubishi brand, with June 2014 sales up 13.7% over June 2013 sales. The Outlander Sport, a five-passenger CUV sold 2,433 units in the month, marking the fourth straight month the Sport has sold over 2,400 units. The Mitsubishi Mirage, a five-door subcompact, also added to the party, with 1,451 units sold in June. The Mirage is one of the most valuable and affordable vehicles on today’s market, with a starting price of $12,995 and an incredible 44 mpg highway rating.

“We are very excited to see our sales momentum continue through the month of June,” said Don Swearingen, executive vice president of sales for MMNA. “We’ve had an outstanding first half of 2014, and our new 2015 Mitsubishi Motors models set to arrive in dealerships in July, we anticipate even more enthusiasm from new-car shoppers directed toward the Mitsubishi Motors brand.”

Come see us at Bakersfield Mitsubishi to check out our inventory, including the Outlander Sport and the Mirage, and check back on the blog early and often for more information on all your favorite Mitsubishi products.

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