Spring Cleaning Car Care Tips for a Fresh Start this Season

Spring cleaning car care
Spring Into Cleaning

Winter has finally come to an end, which means Spring cleaning time is here once again. This season, though, don’t forget about the importance of keeping your car in good shape, too. Read on for some Spring cleaning car care tips from Bakersfield Mitsubishi.

Read The Label

Before you even get started, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Make sure you read the labels of all cleaning products you intend to use in order to avoid doing more harm than good. For example, chrome polish can damage an aluminum wheel, so read carefully!

Wash First

Once you’re ready, you’ll start with a thorough wash. Be sure to use a special car washing soap for the best results and make sure you dry your car for a streak-free finish.

Finish With A Wax

After your freshly cleaned car is washed and dry, you’ll want to apply a coat of wax for added protection. Wax prevents harmful build-up on your vehicle’s paint that can eventually lead to corrosive damage and rust. It also adds an appealing shine, so don’t skip this step.

Don’t Forget The Wheels

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to wash your wheels. Once your car’s body is shining and clean, dirty wheels become extremely obvious, so don’t stop short. Once again, be sure to use only cleaning products made specifically for car wheels for the best results.

For the ultimate fresh start, be sure to come in to test drive a new Mitsubishi at Bakersfield Mitsubishi in Bakersfield, MO.

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