Tis the Season for Pothole Damage

What is it about spring that always seems to bring out the worst in our roads? Here in California, the occasional downpour can really do a number on the streets. Look out for these warning signs if you hit a pothole to determine if any real damage has been done.

Pothole Damage

Steering and suspension. If you suddenly feel a loss of control, excessive bouncing, bottoming out, or pulling when you make routine turns, your steering or suspension may be off. Both systems are central to your car’s safety, as they determine the car’s ride and handling.

Wheel alignment. If your car pulls to one side or the other, the alignment could be off, resulting in uneven tire wear, and unsafe (and unpredictable) handling.

Tire damage. Check out your tires for any obvious signs of damage. Dents in the wheel rim, bulges in the tire, and low tire pressure are all signs that your tires took a hit. Consult with your mechanic to determine if your tire(s) need to be replaced.

“Don’t look now, but you’re probably about to hit another pothole,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “If you’ve hit a pothole, it can be difficult to know if your vehicle has been damaged in the process. Have a professional technician check out the car and make the necessary repairs to ensure safety and reliability.”

The best thing you can do is avoid potholes altogether. Consumer Reports has put together a useful guide for surviving pothole-ravaged roads this spring!

If your car is showing any of the above signs of pothole damage, stop by Bakersfield Mitsubishi today to have it checked out!

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