Traveling with Pets During the Holiday Season

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This holiday season, keep these tips in mind if you’re traveling with pets!

If you’re thinking about traveling for this holiday season, you should consider the important aspects of traveling with pets. Here’s what to do with pets in the car to help you stay safe and stress-free.

According to the American Humane Association, your pet should always be restrained. Consider buying a pet seat belt, kennel, or other barrier. These keep your pets from distracting you while driving. It also tends to decrease stress, especially if pets have somewhere to hide.

“Loose pets inside of vehicles can become a deadly distraction for drivers. Moreover, unrestrained pets can become hazards themselves during an accident. Without proper restraint, a simple joyride with your four-legged friend could result in harsh consequences for everyone,” read the AMA travel page.

You should take your pets on test drives before a big trip. This will get them accustomed to driving in the car, and it will also give you an opportunity to get used to driving with a pet. Practice makes perfect.

Make sure to update your pet’s microchip information, and bring any necessary paperwork with you. Should you be separated, it’s easier to find and collect your pet if you have all of the necessary paperwork.

Finally, never leave your pet in the car alone. Cars heat up very quickly and cool down fast, making it a dangerous environment for unsupervised pets. Even if the windows are cracked, always bring your pet with you when you leave.

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