Annual Mitsubishi Sales Reach 5 Million Milestone

Annual Mitsubishi sales reached the 5 million mark in the United States, with sales surpassing the milestone on December 26th and ending the year with numerous new records in tow.

The automaker’s sales were up 20.5% over last December, while annual sales were up 22% compared to 2014. December was also the 22nd time Mitsubishi enjoyed year-over-year sales increases, led by strong performances by the Outlander and Outlander Sport.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport - Bakersfield, CA
Cars like the Outlander Sport are pushing Mitsubishi to record sales!

Outlander sales were up 46% for the year while Outlander Sport sales were up 19%. Together, Mitsubishi’s CUV lineup accounted for 59% of its total sales, though to discount the other models would not give them due credit. The little Mirage, thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency and affordability, sold even more than the Outlander, and was up 29% for the year.

In 2016, our lineup at Bakersfield Mitsubishi is only going to get stronger, with the automaker announcing more attention toward crossover SUVs and the launch of the 2017 Mirage G4.

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