April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Spring is blossoming all around us and the days are getting warmer and warmer. April is right around the corner and is recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

While we all know that texting is a major and sometimes fatal distraction, there are other ways to get distracted that many of us don’t even think about. Even if you are using hands-free technology to make a call, send a message, or control other features in your car, your brain is still not entirely focused on the road.

The best advice we can share is to simply not do it. If you absolutely need to make a call, send a message, update your GPS destination, or something else, then pull over. Otherwise, ignore the call or text and just keep driving.

man in car - Bakersfield, CA
Always keep your focus on the road – not your phone.

According to the National Safety Council, about 26% of all car crashes involve some type of cell phone use, including hands-free. And, at any given moment, 9% of drivers are talking on their phones. While it might seem that talking to the passengers in your car can be just as distracting, for adults, it isn’t. This is because an adult passenger is another set of eyes on the road and can stop talking when traffic is difficult and help point out hazards on the road.

Here at Bakersfield Mitsubishi, we want to challenge everyone to drive distraction free. You can even sign an online pledge to further commit yourself to staying focused on the road.

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