Awesome Easter Game Ideas for Kids and Adults

Easter game ideas
It’s Egg Hunting Season

Easter is all about getting together and enjoying time with family. But as anyone who has hosted a busy Easter celebration knows, keeping everyone entertained throughout the day can be quite the challenge. Here are some great Easter game ideas from Bakersfield Mitsubishi that everyone is sure to love.

Easter Eggs-ercise

No Easter celebration would be complete without some Easter candy. However, incorporating exercise into your Easter celebration is a great way to counteract the crash that often accompanies over-indulgence in holiday treats. Instead of hiding candy inside of your plastic eggs, try adding slips of paper with exercises or fun activities written on them.

Easter Bunny Bowling

With just a few inexpensive supplies you might alright have lying around the house, you can easily put together a fun bunny bowling game that is sure to be fun for kids and adults alike. This is a great way to add fun to the day for a family that isn’t afraid of a little friendly competition.

Egg and Spoon Race

A classic Easter tradition for some, an egg and spoon race is cheap and tons of fun for kids and adults. You’re sure to have all of the supplies already on hand and it’s a great way to get reinvigorated after a heavy Easter meal.

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