Are Gran Turismo Players Training to Become Future F1 Drivers?

Next time you chastise your child or significant other for spending too much time playing video games, you should know one thing: they could be training to be the next Formula One world champion.


Traditionally, race car drivers would cut their teeth racing on real race tracks, almost before they could walk. As Popular Mechanics noted, Michael Schumacher (who’s been the F1 world champion seven times) “won his first kart championship at age 6.”


That might be changing; take Welsh driver Jann Mardenborough for instance. He didn’t see a real track until he was 19 years old. His training consisted of logging countless hours on the video game Gran Turismo. He won an online competition in 2011, the Gran Turismo academy.


Gran Turismo Players
Gran Turismo Players can only go so far without actual driving experience so come test drive the awesome race inspired 2015 EVO.

While there is a world of difference between a video game and real life, there may not be as much you might think. Popular Mechanics reported the “latest versions are specific in both the behavior of particular cars and the contours of particular tracks.” Gran Turismo players use steering wheels and pedals that give feedback just like a real car would.


Though games might help prepare someone for the real world, there really is no substitute. So come out to Bakersfield Mitsubishi and test-drive one of our real-life cars today!

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