How to Safely Transport Food in Your Car

transport food in your car

How To Transport Food In Your Car

With a slew of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas get-togethers coming up in the next few months, you will probably be traveling with food a lot. If you want to avoid any spills, squashed food, or potential safety hazards, here are a few tips on how to safely transport food in your car.

Hot Foods

To keep your potluck casserole warm until you arrive, follow these steps. Get a cardboard box or laundry basket and a handful of towels. Place a folded towel in the bottom of the box and then place the casserole dish on top of that. Roll up the remaining towels so they fit snuggly around the casserole dish. Put a rubber mat underneath the box to help prevent sliding.

Cold Foods

If you do not have a cooler, you can make your own with old newspaper. Put the cold items inside an insulated bag and then put that inside a box. Place crinkled up newspaper all around the item for insulation. If you have any ice packs, add those in, too.


If your pie crust does not go up onto the lip of the pie pan, like a crumb crust, simply place an empty pie plate upside down on top of your pie and wrap both pie pans in foil. If you have a fluted crust, place double-sided foam on a cookie sheet and place the pie pan on top of it. Then, put a large bowl, upside-down, over the pie and tape it in place.

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