Mitsubishi Autonomous Vehicle Technology to Get Help from Missile Tech

What do missiles have to do with autonomous cars? Well, high-tech modern-day missiles might not perform the way you imagine them to perform. They use sensors and positioning technology in flight to ensure they hit their target.

The days when you fired a missile and could do nothing but hope that it hit its target are long over, as over as the days when the safe operation of a car or an SUV was solely based on the skill and awareness of the driver.

Mitsubishi - Bakersfield, CA
Mitsubishi’s cars are about to get even more advanced.

Mitsubishi makes missiles. They also make cars and SUVs. The company recently made an announcement that they would be implementing the autonomous mobility technology in their missiles in their vehicles.

Their missiles use a number of different technologies. There is something called millimeter-wave radar, which has the ability to see through fog. Mitsubishi missiles also use sonar and cameras to ensure success. It’s not hard to imagine how these will translate to Mitsubishi autonomous vehicle technology.

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