Mitsubishi Earns Third Place in 2021 Customer Service Index Study

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander | Bakersfield, CA

The annual J.D. Power Customer Service Index Study determines the level of satisfaction customers had with the services they received at dealerships and service facilitates. The 2021 CSI Study found that Mitsubishi had the third-highest amount of customer satisfaction when compared to other mass-market brands.

How The Study Is Determined

In the latest study, J.D. Power surveyed tens of thousands of owners and lessees of vehicles aged 1 to 3 model years old. The survey measured the drivers’ satisfaction with dealerships and independent facilities based on five categories, including the service quality, the service facility, and the service advisor.

Customer Satisfaction Results

The 2021 CSI Study found that customers appreciated their service experiences more if they had the ability to pay remotely or online. They also reported increased customer satisfaction when they chose to express service options.

1st Place In Service Quality

Out of 1000 possible points, Mitsubishi earned 857 points in the study —just two points behind second-place and seven points behind first place. Mitsubishi is also up 11 points from the previous year’s survey, an impressive jump in just one year’s time. In addition, Mitsubishi tied for first place in the service quality category this year, when looking at non-premium brands.

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