Mitsubishi Model Lineup At 45th Tokyo Motor Show

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - Mitsubishi model lineup

The 45th annual Tokyo Motor Show was recently held earlier this month, and a number of automakers showcased their lineups at the prestigious event in Japan. The Mitsubishi model lineup, of course, made an appearance to show off the brand’s wares on its home turf. The popular Outlander and Outlander Sport were among those models showcased at the auto show, along with the upcoming and much-anticipated Eclipse Cross. Another model made its debut, however – the e-VOLUTION Concept.

The Mitsubishi e-VOLUTION Concept’s appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show was the vehicle’s worldwide premiere. The brand has announced that the vehicle will be an all-electric crossover SUV with a focus on high performance capability. Mitsubishi touts the crossover’s powertrain as using motors with high torque and horsepower and a triple-motor 4WD system for better handling. It will also package its driver assist and alert systems with an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) system designed to coach drivers on the road.

In total, twelve different models will be part of the upcoming Mitsubishi model lineup, but the e-VOLUTION Concept is one of the most anticipated. Keep an eye on news coming from the 45th Tokyo Motor Show for more information on Mitsubishi’s upcoming models, both old and new.

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