Safety Tips for Traveling with Pets

tips for traveling with pets - dog front seat convertible

Summer is the perfect time of year for road trips, and what’s a good road trip if you have to leave your best four-legged friend behind? These tips will help you learn safe practices for traveling with pets. Then, once you’ve had your Mitsubishi serviced at the Bakersfield Mitsubishi service department, you’ll be ready to hit the road for safe and comfortable travels for all.


Practice First

Before you take your animal with you for a big, marathon drive, it’s important to get it used to the car setting. Start a few weeks out and take your pet in the car with you a little at a time. Let it adjust to the environment slowly and with ease.

Less Food, More Water

Having your pet travel on an empty stomach can keep it from feeling carsick. However, you should always make sure your pet has had plenty of water, and continue keeping it hydrated along the way.

Make Plenty of Stops

Give your pet plenty of breaks from the confinement of the car. Stop for restroom breaks, drinks of water, and chances for exercise. These stops are particularly important for dogs, who need a chance to let out their energy regularly.

Never Leave Them Unattended

If you’re stopping for dinner or even just for gas, be sure to always keep your pet by your side. Leaving your animal in an unintended, closed car can be extremely dangerous. Treat your pet as you would like to be treated on a road trip, and they’re liable to enjoy it as much as you will.


Traveling with pets has never been easier with these tips! Stay safe on the road with your furry friend, and enjoy your road trip of a lifetime.

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