Tips for Buying a Used Car for a Teen Driver

Buying a used car for a teen driver in Bakersfield, CA - teen boy sitting in red car

There comes a time in every teenager’s life when driving is all they can think about. Help your young driver make the most of this exciting responsibility by teaching them how to buy a car. It’s best to get a used car for a teen driver because of the lower cost, like one of the many reliable used cars on the lot at Bakersfield Mitsubishi. Read on to learn about three important steps to teach your teen about buying a used car.


Research Online

Make your teen driver a part of the car shopping process by looking at cars online together. At Bakersfield Mitsubishi we have a solid inventory of used Mitsubishi vehicles that are perfect for new drivers. Teach your young driver to look for things like efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Take a Test Drive

Once your young driver has picked a car or two that they like, it’s time for a test drive. Before you head to the dealership, work together to make a checklist of things to look for in a used car. Test drive the car with your teen and decide together if it seems like a good fit.

Teach Financial Responsibility

It may not always be reasonable to expect your teen to pay for their first car on their own, but there are still ways in which a new driver can learn financial responsibility without breaking the bank. Driving and getting a job tend to go hand in hand, so when your teen has a source of income, sit down with them and figure out what they can afford to pay. Perhaps your teen will just pay for gas and oil changes, or maybe they’re in position to pay for a percentage of the car payment. Either way, these tips for your teen’s first car buying experience will set them up for success later down the road.

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